15 Fun Dinosaur Garden Ideas for Kids

t rex in the garden

I love gardening with the kids, and one of the ways to get their attention is to make it as fun as possible! Today I’m sharing a couple of fun kids dinosaur garden ideas that are sure to capture the attention most children – and maybe even a few silly playful adults like myself!

Let’s Have Some Fun With Dinosaurs in The Garden!

You might think I’m crazy or brilliant or both with these fun dinosaur garden ideas – but overall it can be a lot of fun to start creating a garden for kids around a central theme. Many kids love dinosaurs, and so dinosaur toys quickly become the perfect garden theme idea!

So, whether you have kids or just want to add a little playfulness to your garden, these fun ideas for gardening with dinosaurs will hopefully inspire you!

dinosaur garden ideas for kids


Or, you know, you could just get a bag full of toy dinosaurs and play a few pranks on your favorite gardening friends…. 🙂  Hey now, we mustn’t lose our sense of playfulness and creativity, even if we are adults with responsibilities!

Look, I Found Some Dinosaur Bones!

dinosaur bones garden

I remember being a small kid and swearing I would be able to dig up some dinosaur bones in the backyard…We never found any sadly of course, although you can still have a lot of fun with dinosaur bones!

garden bones statue

These dinosaur skeleton models are perfect to make your garden a miniature museum display!

The best part? You can choose from all sorts of different types of dinosaur skeleton kits! From the mighty t-rex to the triceratops, you are sure to find a nice garden model that fits perfectly for your tastes!

If you are homeschooling, this is a great way to teach the kids about dinosaurs AND gardening at the same time. Win-Win!

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Miniature Dinosaur Toys & Plastic Figurines Can Be Put Almost Anywhere!

Dinosaur toys are easy to get and easy to setup to display in a number of places in your gardens. Place them next to a bed of onions, decorate your herb garden, or let them enjoy the flowering beauty in your garden beds!

t rex in the garden

These could also be fun to set up with a number of flowering shrubs and bushes. Does your rhododendron need a dinosaur friend by any chance?

Decorative pebbles and stones can also be used to accentuate places where you put your dinosaurs in the garden. The pebbles can also be very fun for the kids to use for stacking and making dinosaur paths!


Do you know what type of garden dinosaur this big fellow shown above is? He’s a pentaceratops! First discovered in the 1920s, these dinosaurs were 21 feet long and weighed approximately close to 8 tons! Crazy. Glad this guy is a miniature garden toy used to decorate a garden and not the real thing!

garden dinosaur minatures

Where Can I Find Miniature Dinosaurs for My Garden?

I have never been to a toy store that doesn’t sell miniature dinosaurs – so they are readily available to purchase almost everywhere. {You can also find a bazillion Amazon dinosaur toys here!!}

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Don’t like spending money? You can probably even get your dinosaurs for free. Ask your friends and family. Most of them would LOVE the chance to declutter and be glad to know the dinosaurs are being put to good use instead of collecting dust in their closet.

Indoor Gardens Can Enjoy Some Dinosaur Fun too!

I’m in love with succulent planters, and this t-rex succulent planter in bright bold colors is even more fun to look at and love. You could even teach the kids to learn to grow aloe vera plants in these!

This would be a great decor idea for the kids rooms AND give them a fun plant to care for in their windowsill garden!

dinosaur succulent planter

These kinds of planters would be easy enough to make, but if you don’t have the time or skills to make your own, you can definitely find these online to buy.

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indoor gardens with dinosaurs

Your gardening doesn’t need to be limited to being outdoors only. If you have some nice indoor potted plants, you can even use dinosaur plush toys to decorate your indoor garden areas!

Garden Statues & Prehistoric Parks

Don’t want to build your own dinosaur garden? You can always visit a prehistoric garden!

There are many prehistoric gardens you can visit around the world – turns out the idea of Jurassic Park is not so far off! Let’s just hope none of these garden statues come to life, of course! You can find beautiful prehistoric gardens in Oregon, Singapore, Canada, Europe and many other places!

There are also actually statues made specifically for gardening with dinosaurs – we’ve included an eclectic mix of a few different examples here.

singapore zoo dinosaur

Wow, look at this one! This prehistoric dinosaur garden located in Singapore would be fun to see in person!

prehistoric gardens

british columbia dinosaur sculpture

This dinosaur adds to an interesting landscape in British Columbia.

prehistoric gardens

Yes, They Make Smaller Scale Dinosaur Statues

Not all dinosaur statues are gigantic, many are available in a much smaller scale! This one shown below is perfectly life-like, but not gigantic! Most garden statues are made of ceramic or resin materials and can be a fun decorative garden accent to add to your outdoor space!

dinosaur on the rocks

dinosaur garden statue

One bonus about a dinosaur statue for the garden is it will be heavier than the traditional plastic garden toys. This is a big plus if you want to make sure your dinosaurs stay in the garden and don’t roam too far away when the wind picks up.

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Dinosaur Gardens Are Not Just for Kids! Although, It’s True: Your Kids Will Probably Love Them Too!

I hope you find a lot of fun inspiration from these dinosaur garden ideas! Whether you’re inspired by the Jurassic Park style prehistoric garden statues you can visit worldwide or just want to have some fun with the plastic miniature garden toys, you’re sure to bring a smile to someone’s face!

Tell Me Your Thoughts!

What are your favorite Dinosaur Garden Ideas? Do you have any fun garden theme ideas for kids you’d like to share? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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