singapore zoo dinosaur

15 Fun Dinosaur Garden Ideas for Kids

Want to have some fun in your garden? These dinosaur themed garden ideas for kids are perfect for anyone who wants to add a playful touch to their backyard! Dinosaur garden planters, backyard buddies, and inspiration from prehistoric gardens all over the world!

bug hotel

How to Build an Insect Hotel and 35 Bug Hotels to Inspire

An insect hotel can be a great thing to have in your garden as it can attract many beneficial bees, ladybugs, spiders, and more to nest and keep away pests. Here is how you can build an insect hotel, plus 35 photos of different bug hotel examples to inspire you!

how to start a garden

How to Start a Garden in 7 Steps

Starting a garden can be very exciting – and overwhelming! The good news is it is not hard to learn how to start a garden – and the rewards are definitely worth the effort! Why start a garden? There are a number of reasons! Whether you want to learn how to start a vegetable garden …

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plants that repel mosquitos

12 Plants That Repel Mosquitos You Will Definitely Want to Grow!

Ah, summer is almost here, and with that comes our not-so-favorite thing: mosquitos! Today I thought I would share 12 plants that repel mosquitos that you may just want to grow in your garden this year! If you are like me at all, you spend lots of time outdoors. Without question, you would much rather …

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Newspaper Mulch: How to Mulch With Newspapers in the Garden

We all know mulch is beautiful but expensive. Here is budget friendly way to use newspaper as a mulch alternative in your garden. Whether growing vegetables or flowers, using shredded newspapers is a great way to save money and reduce weeds and watering times!

bitter herbs and their uses

12 Bitter Herbs and Their Uses

These 12 popular bitter herbs have many beneficial qualities and can be used both medicinally and for cooking in culinary use.