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garden pond landscape ideas

Garden ponds are beautiful way to add interest to your outdoor space! If you are looking for garden pond ideas, you are sure to find something here that will inspire you.

If you have been wondering if adding a pond to your garden is worth it, the answer is yes! There are so many advantages to having a water pond in your yard’s landscape – one of my favorite things of course is how it sounds when the fountains are running and you sit next to it on a relaxing summer evening!

Here are Garden Pond Ideas to Inspire Your Landscaping!


natural pond

This pond is very natural and is surrounded by a number of trees, shrubs, flowering plants, and tall grasses. Water lilies grow on the surface of the water of this garden pond.

Plants & Flowers & Fish for Beautiful Ponds

Water lilies are beautiful flowers, and they may just be one of the many reasons why you might want a garden pond in your backyard to begin with!

Koi Goldfish Pond

koi goldfish pond

Water lilies are also quite popular for adding to the many ponds we see!

lilies for water pond

Side Yard Garden with Pond

side yard pond

This is a very nice sitting garden spot with a lot of interesting things to see! The large potted fountain to the right draws a lot of interest – and we love those flamingo accents hiding to the left of the photo!

Here is another picture of this same garden, from a different viewpoint.

Inspiration From Parks & Large Outdoor Gardens

A park like backyard? Why not? While you may not have the exact ability to duplicate these water features at these gorgeous parks, you certainly can use them to find a lot of inspiration!

garden path with pond

This garden features a lovely path which is bordered by a small garden pond complete with a waterfall. Well placed rocks, shrubs, and trees add to the overall design.


This garden pond shown below is obviously a professionally landscaped garden of a park – however, that should not stop you from using it as creative inspiration for the type of water garden you could create in your very own space!

garden ponds

The water pond is fed into from a stream and is neatly landscaped with a variety of grasses and plants, all surrounded by a gorgeous walkway at the border. This is clearly a garden meant for walking through!

While duplicating something like this at your own home may seem daunting, it certainly could be possible – even if on a smaller scale and with different types of plants and materials used to create the path and other accents.

Here is a Large Scale Pond with a Fountain:

garden park pond

This pond has a number of lovely accents surrounding it – a wooden walkway, benches, and a beautiful fountain. Again, while we may not all be able to enjoy this in our backyard, this is easily something to be inspired by!

Trees and flowering shrubs and bushes are a great addition to surrounding the border of the pond, especially when working with larger pond sizes as it helps keep everything to scale.

Or, You Can Have a Small Garden Fountain:

garden fountain ideas

Both can be quite relaxing to listen to during a warm summer evening!

Garden Ponds Can Be Found Everywhere!

park like garden landscape water fountain

This beautiful scene is a great example of how one might enjoy a trickling waterfall in their garden. Even if your yard is not as large as a park, you can certainly enjoy a smaller scaled version of this in many ways in a number of residential applications!

Here is another image of a water garden at a park:

garden park pond

One of the reasons I included this photo here is because it is a much smaller size pond, and certainly do-able in many backyards! Large rocks are used along the edges, and many different flowering shrubs and ferns border the edge.

While purchasing large landscaping rocks can be an expensive investment, the beauty can often be replicated by creating “faux rocks” – simply create a concrete mold out of cardboard for the rock shape you wish to create, and pour the concrete with a mixture of gravel or stones.

Speaking of stones…how about…

Garden Ponds With Stepping Stones

concrete stepping stones garden pond

Stepping stones are very popular in a number of water gardens, because it allows for one to truly enjoy the full beauty of the landscape – even from the very middle of the pond! It also serves as a pathway to walk through, without the need to build a complex bridge. These stepping stones again are something one could create using concrete forms.

Waterfalls for Garden Ponds

garden pond waterfall

Waterfalls are beautiful additions to a garden pond, and can often be created easily by installing a water pump. Not only does this help keep the water moving, but gives you a very beautiful and stunning effect in your backyard.

More Pond Waterfall Ideas & Inspiration:

waterfall pond ideas


landscaping waterfall ideas

The Many Types of Water Gardens!

From simple backyard water fountains to complex water gardening systems, there are so many different options you can consider for creating your water feature in your garden.

There are a number of different types of water gardens and garden ponds. Some gardens have simple fountains to create small ponds – others might have a pond full of koi fish and elaborate water pond decorations.

Water gardening takes many different forms, and there are a number of ways to explore the possibilities. Of course, we love them all, and these ideas in our gallery of garden pond ideas is sure to inspire you to think of a way to include a water feature or garden pond in your outdoor space!

Aquaponic Water Gardens

Many people have even taken a great interest in aquaponics, which is a method of gardening where the fish and plants help each other grow and live their best possible life.┬áIn aquaponics, the fish in the garden help fertilize the plants, and the plants help keep the pond clean for the fish. It’s a win-win situation for many gardeners and small farms worldwide!

Do You Have a Favorite Garden Pond? What would you include in your dream water garden?

We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments section below! Tell us which garden pond idea you like the best – and of course if you have any questions just ask – we’re always happy to help!

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