how to start a garden

How to Start a Garden in 7 Steps

Starting a garden can be very exciting – and overwhelming! The good news is it is not hard to learn how to start a garden – and the rewards are definitely worth the effort! Why start a garden? There are a number of reasons! Whether you want to learn how to start a vegetable garden …

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cilantro vs coriander

Coriander vs Cilantro: What is the Difference?

Wondering the differences between coriander vs. cilantro? While they come from the same plant and the names are often used interchangeably, often times in recipes they do mean different things! Find out the details here.

canning apple pie filling

Canning Apple Pie Filling: How-to & Recipe

Canning apple pie filling will let you be able to make and enjoy apple pies year round, even when apples are not in season. If you have an apple tree orchard, learning how to can apple pie filling will help you make sure not a single apple goes to waste! Like most fruits, apples are …

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plants that repel mosquitos

12 Plants That Repel Mosquitos You Will Definitely Want to Grow!

Ah, summer is almost here, and with that comes our not-so-favorite thing: mosquitos! Today I thought I would share 12 plants that repel mosquitos that you may just want to grow in your garden this year! If you are like me at all, you spend lots of time outdoors. Without question, you would much rather …

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homemade applesauce canning recipe

Canning Applesauce Recipe: How to Can Applesauce

This homemade applesauce canning recipe is perfect for beginners. Simple, fun and easy! Learn how to can applesauce along with complete apple sauce recipe and processing times for both water bath canners and pressure canners.

canning for beginners

Home Canning 101 for Beginners

Home canning is a great way to preserve your own food. If you’ve never used a canner before, this beginner’s guide to learning how to can different foods will get you started on the right path. What is Home Canning? Why Do People Can Food? Canning is a method of food preservation. If you’ve ever …

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grow fresh herbs indoors

How to Grow a Windowsill Herb Garden

Do you like fresh herbs for cooking? Here is how you can easily learn to grow a windowsill herb garden right in your own kitchen. Grow basil, rosemary, mint, thyme, dill, chives and more with these simple steps to creating your own window sill herb garden.