Common Mugwort: Artemisia Vulgaris Information and Uses

Mugwort, also known as common mugwort, is a member of the daisy family and is often touted as the “dream herb” because it can cause vivid and lucid dreaming for some people when made into a tea or smoked.¬†Learn more about mugwort and its uses and how to grow mugwort.

Newspaper Mulch: How to Mulch With Newspapers in the Garden

We all know mulch is beautiful but expensive. Here is budget friendly way to use newspaper as a mulch alternative in your garden. Whether growing vegetables or flowers, using shredded newspapers is a great way to save money and reduce weeds and watering times!

bitter herbs and their uses

12 Bitter Herbs and Their Uses

These 12 popular bitter herbs have many beneficial qualities and can be used both medicinally and for cooking in culinary use.