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About Our Database

Our plant database is always a work in progress and a real labor of love!

There are over 320,000 different species of plants, so it may take us some time to get them all but we’re determined to get at least all of the plants we grow and common native species that are found in our hometown in Southwest Pennsylvania.

When we first started our garden nursery and researching which plants we wanted to pair together and grow, we found it was very difficult to research and organize all the different information and the few sources we did find were all behind a paywall. Creating our own database is probably crazy but we knew if we were struggling to research someone else was also probably struggling.

Each plant has a complete profile and you will very easily be able to research exact information such as watering, lighting, soil conditions, height, garden zones, and more for any plant in our database. This makes it easy to identify plants you want to pair together or even plan out different parts of your garden.